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We are just everyday Ag people that built something to provide everyday Ag people with a way to easily talk about all things well... Agriculture! 


GrainBrain was formed out of necessity, a need for transparency in our industry. It originated from a desire to help our Ag neighbors not repeat the same mistakes we've made in the past. GRAINBRAIN is a source of information for everyone, it's a Farm Show in your pocket, a digital focus group, or one on one when you need it. It's the AG worlds next social network, allowing farmers to help farmers everywhere, anywhere, or anytime, rain or shine!


How many times have you heard, “This is the first time we’ve seen this issue.” Or wondered, “If I could only speak to someone who’s operated this or applied this.” Every farm has asked one of these questions at least once, this is the problem GrainBrain  solves.


Now with a place to let everyone know the benefits/issues of all things Ag.

You know the"The Good, The BAD, and the UGLY) you’ve ran across. GRAINBRAIN helps people utilize each others experiences.


Review, Research and collaborate on everything Agriculture. Owner/Operator in-field experience of equipment, inputs and anything Agriculture. A collaborative app that allows farmers to help farmers understand the issues and the benefits of products in Agriculture.

Find reviews for all things agriculture....




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